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Papankusha Ekadashi

5 rules of Papankush Ekadashi fast which will fulfill all your wishes, Vishnu is associated with God

According to Hindu beliefs, a person is told in the scriptures to keep many fasts in order to spend his life in peace, prosperity and prosperity. These fasts include the fasting of Ekadashi including Navratri Vrat, Purnima Vrat, Amavasya Vrat. Although of these fasts square measure vital however Papankush Ekadashi fast has special significance. This fast is kept to please Lord Vishnu.

When Vishnu is happy, he fulfills all the wishes of the seeker and also destroys the sufferings. Today is Papankush Ekadashi and 5 major rules have also been given to keep its fast, which the seeker has to follow. Otherwise his wishes are not fulfilled.

Worship is essential from evening

According to Hindu beliefs and almanac, the fast of Papankush Ekadashi is observed on the Shukla Paksha Ekadashi of Ashwin month. According to the story of Papankush Ekadashi fast, Lord Krishna told Dharmaraja Yudhishthira the glory of this Ekadashi in the Mahabharata period.

The observance of several types of rules has been said to be mandatory for fasting and worship of Papankush Ekadashi. According to the first rule, the seeker should start worshiping Lord Vishnu from morning or eve. During this, the Padmanabha form of Vishnu is worshiped.

Bathing method is important

Before worshiping, it is said to be mandatory for the seeker to bathe with pure water. For this, many scholars believe that one should take a bath with a lake, a flowing lake or a waterfall. It is believed that the flowing water is more pure and pure than other water. In such a situation, the seeker has to take special care of the bath.

Importance of worldly pleasures and sandalwood

The most important thing for a seeker observing the fast of Papankush Ekadashi is to stay away from worldly pleasures and attachments during the fast. Failure to do so may or may not delay the fruits of the fast. At an equivalent time, after bathing, the seeker should complete the worship method by applying white sandalwood on his forehead.

Panchamrita urgent

During sadhak puja, enjoy panchamrit, fragrant flowers and seasonal fruits to please Lord Padmanabha. Apart from this, it is also necessary for the seeker to take a satvik diet before the fast. So that he does not feel unwell in worshiping God for the whole day and can be worshiped all the time.

Satvik food

It is also said to keep fast in a bella for the seekers who are not completely healthy from the body and want to fast to please God. In the second fiddle, they are allowed to eat satvik food. However, such Jatak should perform fast puja under the direction of the priest.

Donation is important

Aarti of the Padmanabha form of Lord Vishnu on the eve of Papankush Ekadashi is said to be mandatory for the seeker. For this, the seeker has to stay hungry and after the completion of the aarti process, he can take satvik food. Donating fruit and grain during worship and fasting on Ekadashi is considered auspicious.