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Mother is a mother. Prayers for children come out of his breath. Today will be precious for the mothers of sons on Thursday. On this day, mother will seek blessings from Ahoi Mata for the long life of her children.

The Ahoi Ashtami fast is observed on the day of Kartik Krishna Ashtami. This fast is very important for daughters of women. Mothers observe fast throughout the day on Ahoi Ashtami fast and worship the hoi when evening stars appear. It is made on the wall by hoi geru etc. or a hoi is worn on a thick cloth and is hung on the wall at the time of worship.

An effigy of eight brackets is made mostly in Hoi's drawing. Figures of porcupine and her children are made near that.

In various regions of North India, the form of Ahoi mata is made according to the local tradition there. The women of the rich house make silver hoi. Kalash is established by dung on the ground. Ahoimata is worshiped and offered milk and rice to them. After that, the story is heard by placing a lota filled with water on a floor. Two folk tales of Ahoi ashtami are prevalent.

Ahoi Ashtami 2020

According to the date set by astrologers, Ahoi Ashtami will be celebrated on Thursday. There is no special time for this, it will be celebrated according to family traditions. Some mothers will seek blessings from Ahoi Mata by assigning the moon to some stars. Before this, the story of Ahoi Mata will be heard and worshiped. Despite the confusion about the fourth and fifth days, this festival will be celebrated on Thursday. The number of women worshiping on Wednesday was negligible.

Ahoi Ashtami fasting method

Practice: Take a bath in the morning on Ahoi fast and after praying, wishing for the long life and happy life of my children, I am fasting for Ahoi Mata, make such a resolution. May Ahoi Mata keep my children longevity, healthy and happy. Goddess Parvati is the mother who makes the untimely happen, so worship Mata Parvati. Draw a picture of Ahoi Mata on the wall from the ocher for the worship of Ahoi Mata as well as the portrait of Seh and his seven sons. Worship these pictures in the evening. Another legislation in Ahoi Puja is that silver Ahoi is made which is called Seh or Sihu. This Seh is worshiped with Roli, Akshat, Milk and Bhat. Regardless of the method you worship, both of them keep water filled in an urn for worship. Hear and narrate the story of Ahoi Mata after worship.

After the puja, touch the feet of the mother-in-law and receive her blessings. After this, take water fasting food.

Ahoi Ashtami Vrat Katha

In one of them, Sahi's daughter deals with the death of Sahi's children by running a khurpa (hoe) to dig the soil while bringing mud to the house. This story teaches that we should do any work with utmost care, otherwise our slightest mistake can cause great harm to someone, which we cannot compensate and then we will have to atone for it. This story also inspires non-violence. The second story of Ahoiashtami is related to the attainment of child-happiness by taking bath in Radhakund located in Mathura district. Donate Pethe on the day of Ahoiashtami.