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Relationships are significant in Indian culture. Here relationships are not just about the name. Family is considered to be at the top of Indian society. Brothers and sisters are a link of this family. There are two important festivals in the Hindu society of brother and sister's sacred relationship, one of which is Bhaiya Dooj.

Bhaiya Dooj

Just as a father thinks well of his children throughout his life, similarly a brother is also committed to protect his sister throughout her life. Festivals like Bhaiya Dooj and Raksha Bandhan always remind this. Just as on the day of Rakshabandhan, sisters tie a rakhi on the wrist of brothers, similarly on the day of Bhaiyuduj, sisters tie tilak on the forehead of the brother and pray for his long life. It is believed that by eating food at the sister's house on this day, Yama (death) does not disturb the brother, and his fame increases.

Bhaiya Dooj Pujan

Sisters should retire on this day, for the long life, welfare and prosperity of their brother and for their own good fortune, by making Ashtadal Kamal from Akshat (rice) Kunkumadi, should resolve this fast and worship Lord Yama, the god of death, methodically. After this, Yamabhini Yamuna, Chitragupta and Yamdoots should be worshiped. Tadantar bhai should be fed with tilak. Both ought to stay quick work this technique is finished.

Bhaiya Dooj fast story

It is believed that the foundation of this festival, symbolizing the unwavering love of brothers and sisters, was laid by his sister Yami (Yamuna) to please the sun son King Yama on the orders of his father Brahma. This festival is the epilogue of Deepotsav. According to the belief, on the day of Bhaiya Dooj, brothers and sisters take a bath in Yamuna and wish each other happiness, prosperity and longevity.

According to ancient legend, Lord Surya Narayan's wife had two children, whose names were Yama and Yami. Yama took over the task of punishing by settling Yama Lok. After this, he was also called as Kaal Devta. At the same time, Yami i.e. Yamuna came to earth before Krishna-avatar and started doing austerities by making a palace in the midst of the water at the Vishrant Ghat in Mathura. Yamraj got busy in his coronation and forgot his sister Yami i.e. Yamuna.

Yamuna used to send the message of coming home to her brother again and again, but she was disappointed every time. Finally, one day the sister's love brought the brother to the sister's house. Yamraj reached his sister Yamuna's house. Yamuna was very happy to see her brother at the door and offered tilak on her brother's forehead and performed aarti and fed him delicious food with his hands. Yamraj was so happy with his sister's love that he requested his sister to ask him something. Yamuna was so happy with the arrival of her brother that she did not need anything. Still, she could not avoid her brother's request and asked Yama for a boon that he would come to her house every year on this day and accept her hospitality and also to celebrate this day as a festival of siblings.

Pleased with the hospitality of the sister, Yama gave a boon that after today, the brother who will eat the Kudik month's duj after going to the sister's house will get happiness and prosperity.

Karthik was Shukla Paksha's second day. Since then, this day has become the festival of Bhaiya Dooj. On this day, every sister calls her brother home and gives him food according to his ability and after applying tilak on his forehead, tying a thread to him and praying for his safety. The brother also offers his sister a wish and promises that he will always protect her.