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In the kingdom of a king, everybody abstained on Ekadashi. Food was not served upon the arrival of Ekadashi from subjects and workers to creatures. One day an individual from another state went to the ruler and said - Maharaj! It would be ideal if you enlist me. At that point the lord put a condition before him that alright, how about we keep it. Be that as it may, regular you will get everything to eat, however Ekadashi won't get food.

That individual said 'yes' around then, however on Ekadashi day when he was given the products of the natural product, he went before the ruler and argued - Maharaj! It won't fill my stomach.

The ruler helped him to remember the condition, yet he didn't consent to surrender the food, at that point the lord gave him flour-dal-rice and so forth. He arrived at the waterway like a customary and cleaned up and began cooking. At the point when food was made, he began calling God-Come God! the food is prepared.

On his call, God wearing Pitambar came in quadrilateral structure and began eating with him with affection. Subsequent to eating the food, the Lord got hindered and he went to his work.

After fifteen days, on the following Ekadashi, he started to state to the lord, Maharaj, give me twofold the products. I stayed hungry that day. At the point when the lord asked the explanation, he told that God additionally eats with us. That is the reason this stuff isn't finished for the two of us.

The ruler was astonished to hear this. He said-I can hardly imagine how God eats with you. I keep this quick, I love, yet God never gave me darshan.

Hearing the ruler, he said-Maharaj! On the off chance that you don't accept, at that point take a quick trip and see together. The lord holed up behind a tree. The individual made food and continued calling to God till night, yet God didn't come. At long last he said-Oh my God. On the off chance that you don't come, I will hop into the stream and bite the dust.

However, God didn't come, at that point he moved towards the stream to color. Realizing his solid aim to surrender his life, God before long showed up and halted him and began sitting together and having food. Subsequent to eating and drinking, they took him in his plane and took him to his residence. Seeing this, the ruler believed that there is no profit by fasting until the psyche is unadulterated. The lord got information from this. He also began fasting from the heart lastly got to paradise.