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Dussehra Festival Celebrations

Dussehra (25th Oct 2020)

Dussehra is celebrated in all the parts of India in different ways. On this day lord Rama killed demon Ravana. Ravana was the king of Shri Lanka had a special blessing of Goddess Parvati (an avatar of Durga), That enemy could defet him in the battle with her permission because of this boon, Lord Rama was unable to slam Ravana in the war. When Rama came to know from Ravana’s brother about this boon, He decided to worship goddess Durga. Goddess Durga was pleased with Rama’s worship and blessed her permission. After that Rama killed Ravana.

Also on this day, Goddess Durga killed Mahisasur after the battle of nine days.

On this day warriors (Kshtriya) clean the arms, keep them in Puja place and do Puja (Shastra Puja).

In older days Kings used to start their Victory March (Vijay Yatra) on this day.

Business man treat this day an auspicious day for starting new business, opening new shops, new accounts etc. they keep their account book in puja place and do puja.

This day is also known as auspicious for the kids to start writing for the first time by writing one letter. Students keep their pen, books in puja place and worship.

On this day Shami tree is also worshiped. It is said that while going to fight the war with Ravana, Lord Rama worshiped Shami tree and got blessings. So people keep a piece of wood of Shami tree in puja place.

This day is treated as auspicious (Muhurat) day to start any work, for shifting new house, new office etc.

Dussehra festival : Celebrations

In different pieces of northern India tremendous and brilliant likenesses of Ravana and his child Meghanada and sibling Kumbhakaran are determined to fire in the ground or open fields. Individuals partake the occasion and appreciate. Dussehra celebration is likewise seen by sorting out a dramatic order of biography's of Rama known as Ram Lila. Toward the finish of Durga Puja, individuals commend this celebration in West Bengal, Bihar and Odisha. Bengalis sing people tunes, drench the symbols of Goddess Durga in water bodies. In Himachal Pradesh, Vijayadashami celebration in Kullu has been given the status of International celebration by the government.


Dussehra praises the Hindu god Rama's triumph over the devil ruler Ravana and the victory of good over malevolence. The epic Ramayana recounts the account of the Lord Rama who wins the beautiful Sita for his better half, just to have her stolen away by Ravana, the devil ruler of Lanka.

Ravana assumes a significant function in the Ramayana. Ravana had a sister referred to as Shoorpanakha. She became hopelessly enamored with the siblings Rama and Lakshamana and needed to wed one of them. Lakshamana wouldn't wed her and Rama couldn't as he was at that point wedded to Sita.

Shoorpanakha took steps to murder Sita, with the goal that she could wed Rama. This irritated Lakshamana who remove Shoorpanakha's nose and ears. Ravana at that point hijacked Sita to retaliate for his sister's wounds. Rama and Lakshamana later took on a conflict to safeguard Sita. The monkey god Hanuman and a gigantic multitude of monkeys helped them.

The Mahabharata is another arrangement of Hindu stories that assume a neighborhood within the Dussehra celebration. The Pandavas were five siblings who battled underhanded powers with a lot of unmistakable weapons. They relinquished their weapons and went into banish for one year. They shrouded their weapons in a Shami tree and discovered them at a similar spot when they got back from banish. They then venerated the tree before heading off to a fight, which they won. This epic is likewise celebrated during Dussehra.