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Karva Chauth

Karva Chauth Vrat Katha

There is a solid reason and story behind celebrating every festival. The festival 'Karva Chauth', which is kept by women for the welfare of the husband, also has a story of its own, which women hear in the form of a story on the day of fasting. Although there are many stories of Karva Chauth, but the origin is the same. It is said that the reading of Vrat Katha on Karva Chauth has great significance. This practice has been going on for centuries and all married women follow it completely.

Vrat Katha

The Chaturthi of Kartik Krishna Paksha is called Karva Chauth. In this, subsequent to adoring Ganesha, he is satisfied with the gift of love, its enactment has been written in the Chaturthi of Chaitra. However, the strength is that in this, wheat is revered with a filling of food and sugar is shipped off the wedded young ladies from the ocean. In this, the quick is opened by tuning in to the accompanying story and offering it in the moon.

Story-A moneylender had seven young men and a young lady. Alongside Sethani, her girls in-law and girl continued fasting for Karva Chauth. Around evening time, when the young men of Sahakar began eating, they approached their sister for food. To this, the sister answered - Brother! The moon has not come out yet, I will give food subsequent to offering it to her. Subsequent to tuning in to the sister, what did the siblings do that they left the city and consumed fire and took a sifter and keeping in mind that demonstrating light from it, they said to the sister - sister! The moon has come out and eat food in the wake of offering it. Hearing this, she revealed to her sisters-in-law that you should likewise offer the moon to her, yet she knew this outrage, she stated, Bai Ji! The moon has not yet come out, your siblings are beguiling you and demonstrating the light of fire with a strainer. Even in the wake of tuning in to the sisters, he didn't pay any regard and took the food by offering light to the light appeared by the siblings. Ganesha got disturbed with this light quick. After this, her significant other turned out to be extremely sick and whatever was in the house, he became ill. At the point when he came to think about his flaws, he atoned, asking Ganesh ji and began fasting on Chaturthi again with the law. As per Shradhan, regarding everybody, the psyche was occupied with accepting the most gifts. On observing this light, deeds with dedication and commitment, Lord Ganesha got satisfied with him and in the wake of offering life to her better half, made him rich with abundance after he recovered. The individuals who relinquish this double dealing and misdirection in this light will quick on Chaturthi with commitment and dedication.

Story of Ganesh ji Vinayak ji

There become a blind antique lady who had a boy and a daughter-in-law. He was very poor. She used to worship blind old Nityaprati Ganesh ji. Ganesh ji used to come face to face and said that old brother, you can ask whatever you want. The old lady says, how can I ask if I do not ask for it? Then Ganesha said that after asking his daughter-in-law, ask for it. Then the old man asked his son and bride, then the son said, ask for money and daughter-in-law asked for grandson. Then the old man thought that the son is talking about his own meaning. So when this old lady asked the neighbors, the neighbors said that Budhia is your life. Why ask for money and grandson, you only ask for your eye so that the rest of your life can be spent happily. The old lady, listening to the words of the son and daughter-in-law and the neighbors, went into the house and thought, in which the son-in-law and mine are good for everyone, he should also ask for the things he wants. When Shri Ganesh came and said on the second day, what is the demand for Bol Budiya? It is our promise that you will ask for it. Hearing the words of Ganesha, the old lady said, O Ganraj! If you are happy with me, then give me nine crores of Maya, give healthy body, immortal beauty, light in the eyes, give grandchildren, and give happiness to all the family, and finally salvation. Hearing about the wife , Ganesha said, old mother, you've got cheated me. Well, whatever you asked for, you will get all. Saying this, Ganesha vanished. Hey Ganesh! Just as you have given everything to the old mother, give it to everyone. And please give us too.

Karwa Chauth's Light

To make light, place thirteen to two to four pooris and a little bit of sera on a plate, put a saree blouse and rupees as much as you want. Roll around that plate and turn your hands away from rice and give it to your mother-in-law's feet. After that, give food to thirteen Brahmins and send them alms by giving Dakshina and Vindi.