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Karva Chauth

Know when to do Karva Chauth, love on this promising time and read the story

Karwa Chauth Vrat has uncommon hugeness in Hinduism. On this day, Suhagin ladies quick for their significant other's life span and glad life. This quick is viewed as the most significant quick for Suhagin ladies. Upon the arrival of Karva Chauth, each lady adores Shiva-Parvati with extraordinary veneration. On this day, there is a law to revere Moon alongside Shiva, Parvati, Kartikeya, Ganesh. Not just this, virgin young ladies additionally watch a quick on this day for an ideal lady. The blessed quick of Karva Chauth is kept annually on the Chaturthi Tithi of Krishna Paksha in Kartik month and during this year Karva Chauth quick are going to be seen on 04 November 2020.

Karva Chauth Muhurt

Karva Chauth Date - 04 Nov 2020 (Wednesday)
Karva Chauth Puja Muhurt - 05 pm to 29 min from 06 pm to 48 min
Chandrodaya - 08:16 pm
Chaturthi Date Start - 03:00 AM (04 Nov)
Chaturthi date closes - 05:00 am (05 Nov)

Karva Chauth fasting rules

This fast starts before sunrise and is kept till the moon comes out. The rule is to open the fast only after the sighting of the moon. The entire Shiva-family (Shiva ji, Parvati ji, Nandi ji, Ganesh ji and Kartikeya ji) is worshiped in the evening approximately one hour before the moonrise. At the time of worship, the fast should be seated facing east. On today , Suhagin women observe Nirjala fast and after offering the moon to the husband, the husband is seen keeping a lamp during a sieve. After this, the husband breaks his wife's fast by drinking water.

Why is the moon worshiped

It is believed that this fast is also done by girls, who are married or are about to get married. Karva Chauth isn't just a quick , it's also a festival to strengthen the sacred relationship between husband and wife. Moon is considered to be the factor of age, happiness and peace and their worship makes marriage life happy and the husband's life is also long.

Karva Chauth Vrat Katha

As per the story Karva Chauth, a moneylender had seven children and a little girl named Karva. Once upon the arrival of Karva Chauth, a quick was kept in his home. At the point when everybody began eating around evening time, Karva's siblings encouraged him to eat. She can't, saying that the moon had not yet come out and that she would eat simply by offering arghya to the moon. The state of an eager and parched sister has not been seen since morning. The most youthful sibling left away and lit a light in a peepal tree and said to his sister - break the quick, the moon has come out. The sister didn't comprehend the cunning of the sibling and he ate the food. She got the updates on her better half's demise while eating a piece. She continued sitting with her significant other's dead body for a year, and assembled the grass developing on her. The following year, when Kartik Krishna Chaturthi came back once more, she abstained Karva Chauth with complete ceremonies, because of which her better half was alive once more.