Method of Dhanteras Puja

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Method of Dhanteras Puja


Dhanteras marks the first day of five days long Diwali festival. Dhanteras Puja is also known as Dhan Triyodashi or Dhanwantri Triyodashi falls on the auspicious lunar day Krishna Paksha in the moth of kartik (Oct - Nov). This day is also know as Dhanwantri Jayanti on this day Dhanwantri appeared with a pot (Kalash) metal at the time of Churning of the sea(Samudra manthan). Dhanwantri is known as Vaidik (Dr.) of Devatas (God).

This day is also known as birthday of Kuber (Treasures of Wealth or Caretakers of Wealth). Yama (God of death) is also worshiped on this day.

Puja Materials – Kalash, 5 Lamps (Diye), Rice, Roli, Moli, Flower, Fruit, Sweats (Sugar), Tulsi, Leaves of Meticural plant, Mustard Oil, Ghee, Coin.

Method of Puja

Clean the place of puja, Spread red/yellow cloth. Place the Kalash (with water) on it. Make Swastik on the Kalash. Tie moli around the Kalash. Put some rice, sugar, roli in it.

1. Place photo or idol of Ganesha on the puja place with (panch upchar) do puja of Ganesha. Sprinkle some holi water, offer roli, moli, flower , fruit and sweet. lit deeepak and recite Mantras of Ganesha - Om Ganpatye Namah… Vakar Tund Mahakaya…

2. Place the idol of Laxmi. Do (Panch Upchar Puja) Sprinkle holi water, offer Moli, Roli Tilak, Rice, Flowers, Fruit and Sweets. Lit a Deepak and do pray.

3. Wrap a Supari with moli and place it on puja place as dhanwantri sprinkle holi water on it. Do (Panch Upchar Puja), Offer Moli, Roli, Rice, Flowers ,Tulsi, Leaves of Med Plant and Prasad. Lit a Deepak with folded hands do prayer. God Dhanwantri , bless all of us with good health.

Wrap another Supari with moli and keep it (place it) as God Kuber. (Do Puja - Panch Upachar) sprinkle holi water on it. Offer Rice, Moli, Roli, Flower, Fruit and Prasad. Lit Deepak and pray for the safty of all the wealth of ours.

In the last take a big Deepak, fill it with mustard oil, Put Rice (raw), Sugar, Roli flower and One Coin in it.

Lit a Deepak. Now pray to Yama (God of death).

God Yama to save us from untimely death. Deepak should be kept in the south direction at the gate of your house. (In the evening)