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Earth of snakes In most of India, Nag Panchami is celebrated as a festival. It is celebrated on the fifth day or on Panchami in the Shukla Paksha of the holy Shravan (Sawan) month. This festival is celebrated by worshiping snake or snake with white lotus. Generally people make snakes of different sizes from clay and decorate it with different colors. The idol of a snake made of clay is placed on a platform and milk is offered on them. In some parts of Maharashtra and Karnataka, there are permanent temples of Nag Devta where they are specially worshiped with great pomp. This day is also of special importance for snake charmers, they are given milk and money. Soil digging is completely banned these days. In West Bengal, Hindus worship this date along with 'Aastha Nag', the serpent goddess of 'Goddess Mansa'.

The festival or fast of Nag Panchami is celebrated on Panchami of Shukla Paksha of Shravan month. According to Garuda Purana, a picture of snake is made at the entrance of the house and they are worshiped. It is also known as 'Mural Chitra Nag Pooja'. Women provide food, laddus and kheer (a special food made of rice, milk and sugar) to Brahmins. These same things are offered to the snake and also to the snake's bill.

There are numerous stories behind the love of Nag Panchami. You will be interested in the story told here.

Once upon a time, there was a farmer who had two sons and a daughter. One day while he was running a plow in his field, his plow passed through three snake children and the snake died. Seeing the death of her children, her mother Nag felt very sad. The serpent decided to avenge the death of his children from the farmer. One night while the farmer and his family were sleeping, the serpent entered their house. He duss (chopped) the farmer, his wife, and his two sons. All died as a result. The girl of the farmer was not chomped by the snake, which spared her alive. The following day, the snake again went to the rancher's home with the goal of slamming the rancher's girl. The daughter of the farmer was quite intelligent. To please Nag Mata, he filled the bowl with milk and folded his hands and prayed that the serpent forgive his father for the death of his beloved sons. He welcomed the serpent and prayed to forgive his parents. Nag Mata was very happy with this and gave life to the farmer, his wife and his two sons, whom he had harvested at night. Apart from this, Nag Mata also gave this blessing with the promise that seven generations of the woman who worships snake will be safe on Shravan Shukla Panchami.

It was the day of Nag Panchami and since then snakes have been worshiped to protect against snakebite. This year the festival of Nag Panchami is on 14 August. This date is also celebrated as 'Kalki Jayanti'. On this particular day, people affected by Kaal Sarp Dosh of Rahu and Ketu worship 'Aastha Nag' with 'Snake Sutra' and 'Nag Gayatri' to get rid of the evil effects of this dosha.

Description - This ritual is performed on the fifth day of Panchami or Shukla Paksha of the holy Shravan month. Nag Panchami is the day to worship Naga or the snake with a white lotus. Ganeshji gave information about all the important facts related to this day.