Saraswati Festival will be celebrated on the lines of Geeta Jayanti

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The Saraswati Festival will be celebrated in a grand and grand manner like the International Geeta Jayanti. Saras and Crafts Mela will be the focal point of attraction in this festival which runs from 21 to 26 October. While giving information about the preparations for the festival at the local farmer rest house on Friday, Amit Sara Jha, advisor of the Haryana Saraswati Heritage Development Board said that the festival will be launched on October 21 from Adibadri in Yamunanagar with Jalabhishek and Yajna of 109 rivers. A yatra will also be taken out from this place, which will be completed in Yamuna Nagar, Panchkula, Ambala, Kurukshetra at Pihowa as per the scheduled program.

In view of Saraswati Festival, ACS also took detailed information from DC Sumedha Kataria on the topic of International Seminar to be held in Kurukshetra. DC Kataria said that guidelines have already been issued to the officials concerned to do all kinds of preparations regarding the subject. He informed that during the international symposium, drama will also be staged on Kurukshetra University on January 19 and Pihova on January 20 on the importance of river Saraswati. The ACS also told the concerned authorities during the review that along with the cleanliness system, special attention should be taken to the quality and hygiene in the food courts set up at the festival.

Aarti and Bhajan evening will be done every day

Aarti Sthal will be established during the festival at Saraswati Tirtha, where Maharati will be held regularly. Along with this, Bhajan Sandhya will also be organized by local artists. During the festival, internationally renowned artists will display and define cultural events on the cultural stage. Saraswati Vandana will be performed collectively by 1100 children on 21 January. The exhibition will be organized at the festival site by Saraswati Heritage Board, Archeology Department, Art and Cultural Department and Book Fair by Haryana Granth Academy. A quiz competition will be organized at the cluster, block, district level on the subject of Saraswati. State level competitions for the winners of these competitions will be held in Pihova.

The ACS also directed that the entire city of Pihowa be specially decorated along with the Saraswati shrine. On this occasion Saraswati Heritage Development Board Vice President Prashant Bhardwaj, Board CEO Shrikant Walgad, Deputy Commissioner Sumedha Kataria, Hirea Sharma, Additional CEO, Heritage Board, Virendra Chauhan, Vice President, Haryana Granth Academy, KDB members Madan Mohan Chhabra, Upendra Singhal, Iqbal Chand Sharma, ADC Dharambir Singh, SDM Pooja Chandaria, Mahesh Joshi, Yogesh Dutta, Naveen Ahuja, Suchi Smita, Ramendra Singh, DSP Dheeraj Kumar and other officials were present.

Full arrangement for people's stay and food

Talking to reporters after the meeting, DC Sumedha Kataria said that more than 50 self-help groups from 7 states will participate in this festival, whose directions have already been given to the concerned officials for arranging their stay and food etc. .

DC informed that arrangements are being made to fill clean water from three gates for continuous water flow in Saraswati Tirtha. This will be the first such system, according to which the flow of water in the Saraswati shrine will be like the Saraswati river. The appearance of the Saraswati shrine will be seen differently in the upcoming Chaitra Chaudas fair. All work is being done in consultation with local institutions, priests. DC informed that parking will be arranged in view of the convenience of traffic and if parking has to be built away, an e-rickshaw will be arranged for the convenience of devotees so that the devotees do not face any kind of trouble. He also informed that instructions have also been given to the concerned authorities to make good sound arrangements in the entire area.