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Bhaiya dooj

Bhaiya Dooj is a celebration of Hindu religion celebrated on the second date of the Shukla Paksha of Kartik month, otherwise called Yama Dwitiya. Family is the most important aspect in Indian society. The unity of Indian families rests on the moral values here. To strengthen these moral values, our rites are enough, but still give additional strength to our festivals. Among these festivals, Bhaiya Dooj is a festival depicting the intimate relationship of brother and sister.


In Hindu society, the festival of Bhaiya Dooj (Bhai-Tika), symbolizing the sacred relations of brother and sister, is considered very important. People of all sections of the Hindu community celebrate the festival symbolizing the sacred relationship of brothers and sisters. On this festival, where the sisters wish for their brother's longevity and happiness and prosperity, the brothers also do not miss giving their sister some gifts as a gift.

Story of Bhaiya Dooj

The historical story behind this festival celebrated on the second day of Kartik Shukla Paksha is also unique. According to the mythological legend, Surya's daughter Yamuna invited her brother Yamraj to come to her house to get food, but due to the busyness, Yamraj used to defer his request. It is said that on Kartik Shukla Dwitiya, Yamraj went to Yamuna's house and received his hospitality and had food. Yamraj gave the groom a blessing that whoever takes a bath in Yamuna on this day will go to the sister's house and receive her devoutly and she and her sister will not have fear of Yama. Since then, this festival became famous in the name of Yama Dwitiya. Due to vaccination of brothers to sisters, it is also called Bhatru Dwitiya or Bhai Dooj.

Method of persuasion

In this puja, sisters apply rice arrangement on the palm of the sibling. Putting vermilion on it, placing pumpkin flowers, betel nut, betel nut etc. on the hands and slowly leaving water on the hands, says some mantras like 'Ganga Puja Yamuna to Yami Puja Yamraj, Subhadra Pooja to Krishna, Ganga Yamuna Neer Bahe Age is increased 'Likewise palm is worshiped with this mantra' Snake bites, tiger bites, scorpion bites that bite so today bite ' Because it is believed that on this day even if the fierce animal is bitten, then the messenger of Yamraj will not take the life of his brother. Somewhere on this day, the sisters apply tilak on the brother's head and take his aarti and then tie Kalava in the palm. To sweeten his brother's mouth, Makhan feeds him Egyptian. During the evening, the sisters burn the chaumukh lamp in the name of Yamraj and keep it outside the house. This time is viewed as propitious if falcon is seen flying in the sky above. In this context, the belief is that the prayers that the sisters are asking for the age of the brother have been accepted by Yamraj, or he will go to the eagle to convey the message of the sisters to Yamraj.

Chitragupta Jayanti

Kayastha society worships its deity Chitragupta on this day. Kayasthas worship Chitragupta, who keeps an account of Dharmaraja in heaven, collectively through photographs or idols. They also worship business books on this day. In some areas of North India, a festival called Shigodanash is celebrated on this day, which is like brotherhood.