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Happy Diwali

About Diwali — The festival celebration of lights!

What is Diwali?

Diwali (say “de-VAH-lee”) may be a holiday celebrated round the world that got its start in India. It’s a harvest festival, but it is also a crucial religious celebration for Hindus, Jains and Sikhs. Even people that don’t belong to those three religions celebrate Diwali in India and other places in south Asia. It is like Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve combined!

A festival of lights

Diwali is known as the festival celebration of lights! Lines of lights are lit inside and outside homes and structures for the occasion. Envision how brilliant that has got to be.

These lights are called deepavali (state "profound a-vallee"), which is the place we get the word Diwali.

The lights line the road and even are coasted down streams on little pontoons.

These days the conventional little lights are joined by electric light shows and LEDs.

Every one of these lights speak to the victory of light over dull and the intensity of good over fiendishness.

In the Hindu religion it's likewise a chance to respect the divine beings and goddesses, particularly the goddess Lakshmi, who is accepted to venture inside your home on the off chance that it is spotless (stand by, does that mean I should clean my room?).

When is it?

Diwali is consistently in October or November.

This year it's start on November 12th and goes for five days, wrapping up on Monday, November 16th.

The primary festivals occur on the most obscure evening of the celebration — this year that is on Saturday, November 14th.

The five days of Diwali

Generally, every day of Diwali has an alternate core interest.

  • The first day is typically a shopping day, particularly for gold or silver.
  • The second day is utilized to design the home.
  • The third day is the fundamental day of the celebration with firecrackers around evening time and a banquet with loved ones.
  • On the fourth day life accomplices exchange gifts.
  • On the fifth day siblings and sisters get to know one another.

Diwali around the world

A huge number of individuals around the globe observe Diwali.

It's a politician occasion in India, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore, Trinidad and Tobago, Myanmar and Fiji — just to give some examples.

In places like Melbourne, Australia and Leicester, England, there are firecrackers and road celebrations went to by countless individuals!


In India, families will clean their homes and buy new garments.

Organizations settle up their records and get their funds all together for the new year.

During the celebration, confounded plans called rangoli (state "rang-o-lee") are made on floors or the ground utilizing shaded rice or powder to bring best of luck.

Families additionally visit each other bringing endowments and desserts.


In Canada, there are festivities the state over, with Indian music and moving.

It's an extraordinary chance to make your own rangoli craftsmanship or simply eat heavenly food!