Why is Govardhan Puja done on the next day of Diwali

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Why is Govardhan Puja done on the next day of Diwali, the reason is very special

Govardhan Puja or Annakoot festival is celebrated on the next day of Diwali. Govardhan festival is celebrated on the Shukla Paksha of Kartik month. On this day, people worship Govardhan God by drawing a picture of Govardhan Parvat with cow dung in the courtyard of the house. The service of cows on this occasion has special significance. It is believed that Lord Krishna raised the mountain on his hand to save the people of Vrindavan Dham from the stormy rain. So let's know what its story is.

Lord Krishna worshiped Govardhan

According to Hinduism, Lord Krishna performed Govardhan Puja and Indra, the deity, broke his ego. On this day Lord Krishna started worshiping Govardhan instead of worshiping Indra. It is believed that on this day, cow cow dung is made to worship Govardhan.

Govardhan Puja in place of Indra

The practice of Govardhan Puja is not going on from today, but from the Dwapar era of Lord Krishna. In the Dwapara Yuga, Brajwasi used to worship Lord Indra. But Lord Krishna argued that Devaraja Indra is not well maintained by the Gokulvasis. Rather, his husband is a Govardhan mountain. Because it is the fodder for the cows from the Guwaals from which people used to get milk. Therefore, Lord Krishna told the people of Gokul that, we should not worship Devraj Indra, but Govardhan Parvat.

Indra angered by Govardhan Puja

Lord Krishna said that, Govardhan Parvat is in front of us, we give so much but we have not even seen Indra and he gets angry if we do not worship him. By obeying them, all Brajwasis started worshiping Govardhan Parvat in place of Indra. Devraj Indra considered it his insult and started torrential rains like a holocaust. Then Lord Krishna lifted the Govardhan mountain on his little finger and protected the Brajvas from heavy rains.

Indra apologizes to Shri Krishna

After this, Indra came to know that Shri Krishna is actually an incarnation of Vishnu. Then later Indra Devta too had to apologize to Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna laid down Govardhan Parvat on the request of Indradev and asked all Brajwasis to celebrate Annakoot festival by worshiping Govardhan every year. Since then this festival is celebrated as Govardhan.