About Us

Vrikshya emerges from the attempt to navigate and aggrandize the wonder of worship through the medium of prayer and its accompanying rituals.

Words are accepted to be undying, indestructible. Hence are they termed akshara– that which cannot decay. From the sonorous majesty of the Vedic richas to the contemporary keeratan, the direction of devotion and the heart’s effulgence are only expressed through the lyricism of sound.

To express the wonder of our givenness and being, sound becomes the primary vehicle to identify, celebrate and ultimately merge and unite with the eternal using the ephemeral.

Vrikshya.com works on the basic premise of simplicity and fluidity in devotion. Here, we bring you the wonder and awe of the Vedic rsis and munis, who celebrate each force within nature as capable of bearing untold gifts and the deeper mystical vedavakyas that ultimately postulate the self as similar and indeed undifferenciable from the Brahma.

We also try to share not just the words and the ritual pageantry, but the entire process of transformative meanings that empower these words, and in turn the speaker and the listener and the reader. This is our attempt to make the mantramayi srushti accessible and indeed cognizable to you.

The so called Hinduism is steeped in multiplicity and an intuitive acceptance of variety. This provides practicing hindus with the complete freedom to choose the ishta, the medium of worship and even accepts the ebb and flow as well as the constant quest of the mumukshu and the non-believer as worthy goals we each must choose for ourselves.

From the anhad to the anant and the ahlad – and encompassing the trik of the buteous, bountiful gayatri – this is but a humble first step in a journey to unlock the heart and understand the flow of creed-free simple devotion.

Vrikshya.com is the answer
For each mocking laugh that chivvies the pundit to speed up the pheras.
For each school boy that is bored while others chant the Gayatri mantra at morning assemblies.
For each seeker that wonders what

“Aum poorNamadaH poorNamidam poorNaat poorNamudachyate, poorNasya poorNamaadaaya poorNamevaavaSiShyate, Aum SaantiH, SaantiH, SaantiH” could possibly mean.

For each rasik that has tried to understand what lead to Meerabai’s lament
For each tourist that looks on amazed as the daily ritual wonders of practicing hindu life play out.
For each tantrik or shabar that has sought power and affluence through transformations of the external by personal will.

Vrikshya.com is a repository of Hindu and Indic prayer and ritual performances and observations. It is an expression and a channeling of everything from the cornerstone of Vedic hymns with their meanings and teekas to the amritvaani and hanuman chalisa we grew up chanting at moments of stress or fear. It is an interpretation of how the divine empowers and connects with the devotee through the myriad expressions of verbal, mental and physical devotion.