Bhaiya Dooj

The festival of Bhaiya Dooj is celebrated by Hindus on the last day of the five-day-long Diwali festival.

On this day, sisters pray for their brothers to have long and happy lives by performing the Tika ceremony, and brothers make gifts to their sisters.Now let’s perform Bhaiya Dooj Puja.

Lets see the video on how the ceremony takes place.

Let’s See How Bhaiya Dooj Is Celebrated.

Follow along the instructions and mantras to perform the main Bhaiya Dooj puja.

Puja is considered complete after we offer dakshina

Mantras, Regional Information, Food Restrictions For Bhaiya Dooj.

Bhaiya Dooj

Bhaiya Dooj marks the celebration of precious and special relationship of a brother and his sister. It falls on the second day after Diwali, that is, on ‘Shukla Paksha Dwitiya’ in the Hindi month of ‘Kartik’. Bhaiya Dooj marks the celebration of precious and special relationship of a brother and his sister.


It is believed that on this day, Yamaraj, the Lord of Death and the Custodian of Hell, visits his sister Yami, who puts the auspicious mark on his forehead and prays for his well being. So it’s held that anyone who receives a tilak from his sister on this day would never be hurled into hell.

According to one legend, on this day, Lord Krishna, after slaying the Narakasura demon, goes to his sister Subhadra who welcomes him the lamp, flowers and sweets, and puts the holy protective spot on her brother’s forehead.

Bhaiya Dooj Puja Material:

Sweets, Tilak, Lamp, Rice, Moli, gifts


Sisters ceremonise their love by putting an auspicious tilak or a vermilion mark and rice on the forehead of their brothers and perform an aarti of him by showing him the light of the holy flame as a mark of love and protection from evil forces. Then sister offers sweets to her brother and pray to divine for his long life and happiness. The brother, in return, showers her with blessings and gifts.

Shloka for Bhaiya Dooj
“Bhratus tabaa grajaataaham,
Bhunksa bhaktamidam shuvam
Preetaye yama raajasya
Yamunaah Visheshatah”
Meaning; I’m your beloved sister, please eat this sacred rice, For the pleasure of “Yam Raj” and his sister “Yamuna”.