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Ganesh Chaturthi

The chaturthi that falls in the Krishna paksh in the month of Bhadrapad (Aug-Sep) and is considerd as a very auspicious day according to the scriptures.

Now let’s perform Ganesh Chaturthi Bhadrapad Vrat Katha.

  1. Let’s listen to Ganesh Chaturthi Bhadrapad Vrat Katha and information about the event.
  2. Then We will conclude with the aarti.

Let’s Do Ganesh Chaturthi Bhadrapad Vrat Katha

Let’s Do Ganesh Chaturthi Bhadrapad Vrat Katha.

We Will Conclude Ganesh Chaturthi Bhadrapad Vrat Katha With The Aarti.

Puja is considered incomplete without the aarti.
Let's now do the Ganesh Chaturthi Bhadrapad Vrat Katha to successfully conclude the puja.

Puja is considered complete after we offer dakshina

Mantras, Regional Information, Food Restrictions For Ganesh Chaturthi Bhadrapad Vrat Katha.

Shri Ganesh Mantras

Take flowers or unbroken grains of rice in your hands. Meditate upon the god, saying:

gajaananam bhootagaNaadi sevitam

kapittha jamboo phalasaara bhakshitam |

umaasutam shoka vinaasha kaaraNam

namaami vighneshwara paada pankajam ||

Meaning: “ I pray to the lotus feet of elephant headed Lord Ganapati, who is served by one and all, who likes fruits, who is son of Goddess Paarvati and who removes root cause of all miseries.”

Karpura-gauram Karunaavataaram Samsaar Saaram Bhujagendra-haram, Sadaa

Vasantam Hridyaarvinde Bhavan Bhawaani Sahitam Namami

Meaning: “ He who is fair like camphor, who is ever compassionate, by whose being the entire universe exists, around whose neck there is a garland of serpents, may he always live in my heart along with Bhavani, his consort. I bow down to him.”

Vakra-Tunda-Mahakaaya, Surya-Koti-Sam-Prabhah.

Nirvighnam-Kuru-Me-Deva, Subha-Karyeshu-Sarvadaa.

Meaning: “ O elephant headed and large bodied Lord, radiant as a thousand Suns, I ask for your grace so that this task that I am starting may complete without any hindrances.”

Drop the flowers and the rice at the feet of the god.