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Fasting for Karvachauth is not against the knowledge of Gita

Karvachauth is a special fast for Hindu women. It is kept with great enthusiasm and sentiment in most of the provinces of India. In North India, especially in Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, etc., this day is seen differently. Suhagin sisters fast on this day for the long life of their husband. This fast is observed on the Chaturthi of Krishna Paksha of Kartik month.

The fast of Karvachauth begins after about 5:30 pm o'clock before sunrise in the morning and is complete after the moon sighting at night. Women take food only after offering prayers to the moon at night. Shiva, Parvati, Kartikeya, Ganesh and Moon are worshiped in the fast.

When is Karvachauth and what is the worship method of Karvachauth?

Karwachauth 2020 is on Thursday, 04 November. Pooja archana is also done in different ways according to different cultures. Ladies watch Nirjala quick on this day. Suhagins draw or put a picture of Karva Mata on the wall. Many types of dishes are prepared and the thali is decorated and in the evening, Suhaginas gather at one place and read the Katha by Panditji. Sometimes this story is also read by a suhaagin woman who is age-old or quite experienced in such customs.

According to popular belief, Karvachauth vow is not considered complete without hearing the story according to the pundits.

The present-day pundits have pushed the society into a team of blind faith. This fake and ignorant pundit listens to the devotees and tells the devout society to practice against the scriptures, which is completely opposite from the scriptures.

Kabir Saheb ji, in his speech, opening the poll of these fake pundits and fake storytellers, says: -

Kabir - pothi tothi kahe dhindore, sun re pandit mudham.
Lambi jata ata kyun bandhe kahe mundawe mundan.

Kabir- Pothi Padh read Jag mua, Pandit Bhaya na koye.
Dhai aakhar prem ke padhe so pandit hoye

Kabir – karni taj kathani kathai, agyani din raat
cooker (dog) jyon bhaunkat fire, suni sunai baat.

A genuine Pandit is one who has total information on Brahman. "Brahmin soi who knows Brahman, Pandit soi who know the assortment of Pind" But the present intellectuals have no information on any Vedas, Gita ji or some other strict writings. Much the same as a parrot, everybody tells everybody information.

Simply envision the people Vedas, in light of bogus ceremonies and stories dependent on the narratives you are following based on love, on the off chance that that sacred writing isn't great, at that point how might one get old. In the event that fasting Karva Chauth would have made the spouse's life longer, Hindu ladies of India couldn't ever have been bereaved! Demise isn't heavily influenced by anyone. Will kick the bucket on the day fixed. At that point why profess to expand age for the sake of this quick? In the event that destitute can build their age one day, at that point what number of needy individuals hit the sack hungry consistently, so why not their age? While, truly what you need to meet in your fate, you will get simply because you don't have great confidence. In the event that anybody can excuse the transgressions of our predetermination, at that point just God Kabir can do it.

God Kabir declares: -

Masa ghate na til badhe, Vidhna likhe jo lekh, sacha satguru metkar upar maar de mekh

Let us know why it is meaningless to fast according to Gita Ji and other scriptures?

In chapter 6 verse 16 of Shrimad Bhagwat Gita Ji, Ekadashi and any other type of fast is forbidden. According to this, this yoga (devotion) is neither that of a high eater nor of a person who eats at all, that is, this devotion is neither successful nor fasting, nor much sleepy, nor very awake. Fasting during this verse is totally forbidden.

According to Saint Garibdas, if someone observes a fast of Karvachauth, then he keeps wandering in innumerable ages 84 lakh yonies. This fast is just an arbitrary practice.

In order to attain the divine one must have sixteen signs inside a devotee, which is something like this from a spiritual point of view.

1. Philosophy.
2. discretion.
3. True Speech.
4. Satisfy God and let him know God's will.
5. Do devotion with love and also talk to others in soft language.
6. Keep patience, be cheerful for the success of knowledge given by Satguru, do not rush for fruit.
7. Don't cheat (cheat) with anyone.
8. Have compassion.
9. The devotee or saint's jewelery is also forgiven, he should also forgive the enemy.
10. Should have modesty.
11. Do bhakti with devotion. Do not do it for the purpose of getting worldly benefits.
12. The spirit of renunciation is very essential.
13. There should be disinterest. Moksha is very important in salvation, considering the world to be destructive and your life as temporary.
14. The special quality of a devotee is peace, it is also mandatory.
15. Doing devotion means devotional welfare of your life.
16. Everyone should be treated the same as a friend.

After having these above qualities, Satyalok will go. Apart from these, believe in Guru's service, Guru's poetry. Devotees of God and sage congregation should leave their worship.