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Karva Chauth

Karwa Chauth Katha

Karwa Chauth katha 2020: Today the celebration of Karva Chauth is being commended the nation over. Suhagin ladies have abstained for the long existence of their spouses. Ladies will break the quick by keeping the Nirjala quick for the duration of the day and imploring the moon at night. Upon the arrival of Karva Chauth, Goddess Parvati and Ganesha are adored with ceremonies. After which it is viewed as required to tune in to the quick story of Karva Chauth. It is accepted that it brings whole favorable luck. Jyotirvid Pandit Surendra Sharma said that the presence of Rohini Nakshatra is an astounding occurrence in itself. Markandeya and Satyabhasa Yoga are being framed due to the presence of Rohini within the Moon. This yoga is shaped by being with Rohini, the dearest spouse of Moon's 27 wives. This will be exceptionally productive for the Suhagins. This yoga was likewise framed during the association of Lord Krishna and Satyabhasa.

Most common story

A Brahmin had seven children and was the main girl named Veeravati. Being the main sister of seven siblings, Veeravati was of high repute to all the siblings and adored them more than for their entire lives. After some time, Veeravati was hitched to a Brahmin youth. After marriage, Veeravati went to her maternal home and afterward kept a quick of Karvachauth with her sisters-in-law, yet by the night, she was upset with hunger. All the siblings plunked down to eat food and asked their sister to eat it as well, yet the sister told that today she has a waterless quick of Karva Chauth and she can eat simply by observing the moon and offering it to her. In any case, the moon has not yet come out, so she is troubled with craving and thirst.

Veeravati's condition isn't seen by her siblings, and afterward a sibling consumes a light on a peepal tree and keeps it in the rug. He looked as though the moon had come out from a good ways. At that point a sibling came and disclosed to Veeravati that the moon has come out, you can have food subsequent to offering it to him. Sister joyfully climbed the steps and took a gander at the moon and plunked down to eat food by offering it to her.

He sniffled when he put the first piece in quite a while mouth. At the point when the subsequent piece was embedded, hair turned out in it. After this, when she attempted to place the third piece in the mouth, she got the updates on her better half's passing.

Her sister-in-law educates her regarding reality with respect to why this happened to her. The divine beings are irate with Karva Chauth's quick a result of some unacceptable break. When Indrani's significant other Indrani came to earth on Karvachauth's day and Veeravati went to her and petitioned ensure her better half. Devi Indrani mentioned that Veeravati watch Karvachauth with full commitment and law. This time Veeravati kept the quick of Karvachauth with full commitment. Seeing his commitment and dedication, the Lord was satisfied and he favored her significant other by bringing Veeravati Sadasuhagan alive. After this, ladies started to have steadfast confidence in Karvachauth promise.