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Karva Chauth

Quite a while past a Brahmin named Vedasharma lived in a city of Indraprasthapur. Vedasharma was hitched to Lilavati, who had seven incredible children and a skilled little girl named Veeravati. Since she was the main sister of seven siblings, because of which she was of high repute to her folks just as her siblings.

At the point when she got qualified for marriage, she was hitched to an appropriate Brahmin youth. After marriage, when Veeravati was here together with her folks, she alongside her sisters-in-law abstained Karva Chauth for the long existence of her better half. During the fast of Karva Chauth, Veeravati didn't bear hunger and since of shortcoming she blacked out and fell on the bottom.

All the siblings couldn't bear the pitiable state of their adored sister. They realized that Veeravati, who is a temperate lady, would not take food without seeing the moon, regardless of whether she kicked the bucket. All the siblings made an arrangement together with the goal that their sister could take food. One of the siblings climbed some separation away with a sifter and a light in his grasp. At the point when Veeravati woke up from an oblivious express, all her different siblings revealed to her that the moon had passed and welcomed her to see the moon on the rooftop. Veeravati saw the light behind the sifter on the tree of some separation and accepted that the moon had come out behind the tree. Distressed with his yearning, Veeravati before long broke the quick by offering Argh to Deepak as a moon. At the point when Veeravati began eating she began getting unpropitious signs. In the primary Kaur he got hair, in the subsequent he wheezed and in the third Kaur he got a greeting from his parents in law. In the wake of contacting her in-law's home unexpectedly, she found the dead body of her significant other.

Seeing the dead body of her significant other, Veeravati began crying and censured herself for any mix-up during Karva Chauth's quick. She began to groan. Hearing her regret, Goddess Indrani, the partner of Indra Devta, hurried to comfort Veeravati.

Veeravati asks Goddess Indrani for what reason her better half kicked the bucket upon the arrival of Karva Chauth and she asks Indrani to bring her significant other alive. Seeing the pain of Veeravati, Goddess Indrani disclosed to her that she had broken the quick without offering Argh to the moon, because of which her significant other kicked the bucket inopportune. Devi Indrani informed Veeravati to watch the quick regarding Karva Chauth just as Chauth consistently and guaranteed her that by doing so her significant other would restore alive.

After this Veeravati would play out every single strict act and month to month quick with full confidence. At long last, Veeravati recovered her significant other because of the prudence she got from every one of those diets.