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Simantonnayana Sanskar

Inviting God’s blessings for the development of the fetus to full birth. Usually Simantonnayana Sanskar is conducted from the fourth month of pregnancy, and, onwards, into the second, and the third trimester of pregnancy, similar to the ladies shower in the west. (It can be offered as symbolic puja (prayer ceremony) with major ceremonies like naam karan and janeu dharan and vivah(marriage).

  1. Let’s first learn the significance and importance of Simantonnayana Sanskar.
  2. Then we will learn about the Puja items.
  3. We will do Panch Peeth puja.
  4. We will conclude the Simantonnayana Sanskar puja with a small Yagna.
STEP 1: Let’s understand Simantonnayana Sanskar

Watch the video to know the significance and importance of this Simantonnayana Sanskar.

STEP 2: Let’s Collect Puja Items for Simantonnayana Sanskar & Learn their Significance
  • Rice
  • Sandalwood
  • Moli (red thread)
  • Roli (red powder)
  • Lamp
  • Incense sticks
  • Coconut
  • Flowers
  • Sweets, Fruits
  • Water
  • Milk
  • Sugar
  • Curd (Yogurt)
  • Clarified butter (Ghee)
  • Honey
  • Dry fruits
  • Yagyopavit (sacred thread)
STEP 3: Let’s understand Simantonnayana Sanskar

First we will do the panch peeth puja
Let's follow the video through this step.

STEP 5: Now Let's Perform Havan

We will conclude the Simantonnayana Sanskar ceramony with a small havan or yagna.
Watch and follow along with the video to perform the havan.

We will conclude Simantonnayana Sanskar with the aarti or Shanti Path

Let’s do the Shanti Path.

Puja is considered complete after we offer dakshina

Regional Information For Simantonnayana Sanskar

Vedas have defined the way of living for each individual in a very scientific and well defined manner. Sanskars are one of the means to reach this goal. An individual right from his birth till the death has to perform these 16 Sanskars or Stages. The literal meaning of the word “Sanskar” means cleansing the bad things out from someone and preparing him for the next phase in life. The Sanskars are performed for the Mental, physical, behavioral, and spiritual balance and progress of an individual. These ceremonies are vital for a human being to change his mind and means as well as fresh challenges.

Simantonnayana Sanskar

Simantonnayana Sanskar is done in the fourth month of pregnancy, in the fortnight of waxing moon, a Puja is performed for purification of the atmosphere and as an offering to God for the peace of mother and infant, for giving birth to a peaceful and holy child. This rite is primarily social and festival in nature, intended to keep the pregnant woman in good spirits. The pregnant woman gets gifts of rice and fruits from seven ladies. Kumkum is applied on her cheek to keep her happy so that the child will be affected by her happiness.

At the time of pregnancy, due to harmonic changes, a woman has to go through the discomfort stage of life, which may cause emotional imbalance. She should have patience and try to increase her power of moral understanding. She will have a child reflecting the same kind of thoughts she had during pregnancy.