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Karva Chauth

Karva Chauth Katha

According to the legend of Karva Chauth, there was a time when Pandava son Arjuna went to do penance on Nilgiri mountain. Then for some reason they had to stay there. The Pandavas faced a deep crisis in those days. Then Draupadi, worried and heartbroken, meditated on Lord Krishna and asked for a solution to relieve the sufferings of the Pandavas when Krishna appeared.

Then Krishna said - O Draupadi! I know the reason for your anxiety and crisis. You have to take a solution for that. Soon, Krishna Chaturthi of Kartik month is going to come, on that day keep fasting with full heart. Worshiping Lord Shiva, Ganesh and Parvati, all your sufferings will go away and everything will be all right.

Draupadi fasted Karva Chauth in the same manner, following the orders of Krishi-o. Then she soon saw her husband and all her worries went away.

When mother Parvati asked Lord Shiva the method of wishing her husband's longevity and happiness - Shiva told the story of keeping 'Karva Chauth Vrat'. Sri Krishna had mentioned the following story to Daupadi for fasting Karva Chauth.

According to the Puranas, Dhobin, a husband named Karva, lived with her husband in a village on the banks of the Tungabhadra River. Her husband was old and weak. One day while he was washing clothes on the banks of the river, suddenly a crocodile came there, and pressed the washerman's feet in his teeth and took him to Yamlok. The old husband was nervous to see this and when he did not say anything to her, he got it done ..! Get it done ..! Saying this, he started calling his wife.

Hearing the call of her husband, Dhobin got there, the crocodile was about to bring her husband to Yamlok. Then Karva tied the manger with raw thread and reached the gate of Yamraj carrying the crocodile. She pleaded with Yamraj to protect her husband and also said that he urged the crocodile to punish him severely for this act and said - O Lord! The crocodile has caught my husband's leg. You send the crocodile to hell as a punishment for this crime.

Hearing the call of Karva, Yamraj said - yet the age of the manger is still left, I cannot send him to Yamlok right now. On this, Karva said- If you do not help me in saving my husband, then I will curse and destroy you.

Seeing the courage of Karv, Yamraj too got scared and sent Magar to Yampuri. Also gave Karva's husband the boon of longevity. From then on Karthik Krishna's Chaturthi came into vogue for Karva Chauth fast. Which even in this modern age, women do with all their devotion and wish God their husband's long life.